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Thread: Snes9x GX/FCE Ultra GX/Visual Boy Advance GX/Wii64 - Multiplayer problems

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    Snes9x GX/FCE Ultra GX/Visual Boy Advance GX/Wii64 - Multiplayer problems

    Hi everyone.

    Just a few days ago I've downloaded the lastest version of those four emulators and have been playing all of them with almost zero problems, except one: I can't connect my Wiimotes to multiplayer in any of those emulators. Does anyone know some sort of solution to this problem?

    As far as I know, all of them have multiplayer support, since there's plenty of options to configure buttons and stuff in all of them, but for some reason my Wiimotes simple doesn't connect Player 2, Player 3 and Player 4. If I connect the four (or two, or three) wiimotes BEFORE entering the emulators, they all go disconnected when I enter them. I already checked all menu input settings but even when I set 2 ou 4 players, wiimotes P2, P3 e P4 simply keeps blinking and doesn't connect. ):

    All four emulators are just amazing in every possible way and I'm having so much fun with them, but I'm really very frustrated for not being capable of multiplay.

    Would appreciate some help here.

    p.s.: Sorry for my possible bad english. :T

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    Hi again.

    After days trying to get my wiimotes connected, I finally did it. If someone else is having this problem, here's what I did:

    Simple hardsync your wiimotes to your Wii. To do this, you must open the Wiimote to the battery entry (where you put the batteries, duh). There you'll find a small red button, that's the sync button. On your Wii, you must find a small red button too, this stays right aside the SD entry below your DVD entry. Press the red button on your Wiimote, and then after that press the red button on your Wii. This should hardsync your Wiimote to your Wii.

    When you enter the emulators, just P1 will connect automatically, but then you just need to press any button on your Wiimote P2, P3 or P4 like A or B and the controller will turn on almost instantly.

    Hope I could help someone out there.


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