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Thread: No Video/Black Scrren Remote Works. Console Seems to Work.

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    Us No Video/Black Scrren Remote Works. Console Seems to Work.

    I bought a Wii on EBay that would "not accept disc." The label on the Wii said RVL-001(USA). I took the drive out and it worked in another Wii. I put another drive in the first Wii, which I knew was bad with a read error, and hooked it up to the TV. The video was black and white and not very sharp. Finally went to settings and it said it was a 4.3E. Looked at countries and there was no USA so I selected Australia since it was at the top. Finally decided to format the Wii memory and after that screen rolled. After it powered down I powered it back up and no video. It gets some kind of signal because my TV changes from "no signal" to black as soon as I power the Wii on. Plus the remote gives feedback when I point it and scroll over the Icons and I can blindly click and here it and the DVD spins constantly so the console seems to be working.

    So did someone mod this to make it 4.3E since it was in a USA case or did the swap the case top? Any ideas how to get video back since I would guess this is a PAL console on an NTSC TV. It had video until I formatted it. What gives?

    Any help or advice appreciated.

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    I don't know why but I started to get scrolling video back. I guess it needed a break. Was able to with some blind luck get it to 60hz and stop the scrolling. Still don't know why a 4.3E is in a USA case.

    Is it worth keeping a PAL Wii with a NTSC TV? Are there any cheap PAL to NTSC converters that are worth anything or should I sell it on EBay?

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    Um, you can change the Wii's video to NTSC or PAL. It will require softmodding (the change is permanent, unless you intentionally want to undo it). Look here:

    Someone may have monkeyed with it and updated to the wrong region via an import disc or wrong region wad for the System Menu.

    Edit: maybe look here first, for a better understanding of what I'm talking about:
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    Thanks, I'm am going to look at those links right now. I obviously missed that part in Mauifrogs guide since at the time I was using it I didn't care about PAL.

    So am I to understand that whether a Wii is NTSC or PAL is strictly a software/firmware issue and that the Wii does not have some sort of hardware video chip that determines this?

    Much thanks for the pointers Nightstah.

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    The Wii's hardware can support either video standard. A wrong region game update (featuring say, a System Menu) can cause this if applied to a Wii. The best one to start with in the links above, is the last one I edited in. See if you can get into the Wii's Settings, or if it presents an Opera error.

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    Very good. You've been a god send. I am starting to digest Mauifrogs semi-bricked guide.

    I would have to guess then that this Wii, with a USA label and no obvious signs of disassembly, was updated to 4.3E to perhaps play PAL games or some other reasons and that originally it was a 3.xU or 4.xU.

    Thanks again.

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    If you want confirmation, I'll say it again:

    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    See if you can get into the Wii's Settings, or if it presents an Opera error.

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    Oh yes, I can get into Wii settings now and everything seems to work. Wii settings says 4.3E and everything is black and white. I just didn't know that I could update it to be an NTSC box. I thought that if I had a PAL box I had a PAL box. I didn't know I could just mod it to a 4.1U which is what I will now do.


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    If it's black and white, then it's outputting PAL. Yes, you can change it to NTSC and sounds like what you need to do (and probably why it was on Flea Bay, lol --- someone screwed it up).


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