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Thread: Controlling Wii Tennis

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    Controlling Wii Tennis

    Any idea how to make the ball go to the right...

    Anyway I hit it, it just seems to go to the left...

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    I actually have the same problem... but during the training part of the wii tennis where you have to keep the ball in the court.. always goes off to the side no matter how I try...

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    Well, if the ball is coming to your Mii's left side, do a backhand swing (provided that you are right handed) and it should go to the right.

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    Thats how I would do it in real life.. but doesnt work as well..

    What about getting it to go straight?

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    It's all about the timing of your swing, and how hard you swing. I notice that the softer I hit the ball, the straighter it goes, and the harder I swing, the more it goes to the left, or right.

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    You know, i figured it out...

    my problem was that i was hitting it way to early and it was getting the edge of the racquet... so it would always go to the side... if you give it a split second, it will work out much better....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumper View Post
    What about getting it to go straight?
    As odd as it sounds, I'll actually swing as if I was playing bowling and it'll usually go straight. The only disadvantage is that you need a little bit of time to make the swing.


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