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Thread: Theme Bricked Wii 4.3U (White Wii) Help, please.

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    Theme Bricked Wii 4.3U (White Wii) Help, please.

    What I did - I used The LetterBomb Exploit to softmod my Wii. All was fine, I installed BootMii as an IOS considering Boot2 wasn't an option. I downloaded & installed System Menu 4.3 (Patched) Dark Wii Theme.WAD, installed it, and it worked fine, but I couldn't access my Wii Settings. So I download System Menu 4.3U-v513.WAD, installed it, and uninstalled System Menu 4.3 (Patched) Dark Wii Theme.WAD. My Wii reboots back to The Homebrew Channel, my Wiimote lost sync, so I reboot my Wii thinking that I should be good to go. My Wii boots up to a blank screen, I have no Wiimote connection, but I DO have a Video Signal between my Wii & TV, just nothing is displayed on my screen. What can I do to fix this problem? If I buy a solderless Modchip w/autoboot, will that fix it? Are there any other ways to go about fixing it?

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    Creating a new thread when you already have one here is not allowed. Stick to your original thread, thread closed.


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