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Thread: Lost Wii download rights for a VC game

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    Lost Wii download rights for a VC game

    So, today I bought Donkey Kong Country from the Wii Shop Channel. After it took my 800 points, it spit out an error code after it cancelled my download.

    The code was: 204036

    The thing is, I experienced this error code before. It has to do with a ticket for the said game already being on my Wii prior to the initial download on the Wii Shop Channel. In the past, I just looked up the title ID and deleted its ticket via AnyTitle Deleter, and it usually worked. But not this time...

    In fact, I couldn't even find the title ID of Donkey Kong Country (JAEE) in AnyTitle Deleter. I didn't want to go deleting other tickets (things could have turned out a lot worse). Instead I downloaded a WAD of the game (I do NOT support doing this; I only did it to try to get my copy of Donkey Kong Country from the Wii Shop to download), and opened up AnyTitle Deleter, and only then, did I see its title ID (JAEE) listed. So I deleted it completely so the Wii Shop Channel would let me download. BIG MISTAKE.

    Apparently, the Wii was using this ticket (even though it wasn't even listed before?) because when I went into the Wii Shop Channel, I no longer had download rights to the game.

    I've contacted Nintendo and asked them to give me re-download rights since the game still appears in my Account Activity. However, even with those download rights, I fear I will get the same error code.

    Any ideas on how I can get this game to download?

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    Your saying that you lost the 800 wii points when downloading but it still didnt downloaded because of the error code?

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    Yes. I purchased Donkey Kong Country for 800 Wii Points, but before I could even start downloading, I got an error code. Having seen this error before, I deleted its title ID from AnyTitle Deleter. Now the Wii Shop Channel thinks I never purchased it at all. Seriously. It shows up in my Account Activity as costing 800 Wii Points, but when I go to the download screen, its wants to charge me again.

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    I'm going to call Nintendo tomorrow. It shouldn't matter that I soft-modded my Wii either. I paid $8 for Donkey Kong Country and they gave me nothing for it.

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    I'm sure it will be easy enough to prove a purchase was made.

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    Yeah, I hope so. I'm pretty certain that Account Activity is associated with a Wii's Serial Number since when you want to remove your Wii Shop Account it asks for your serial number. It just makes me wonder why things like re-download eligibility aren't handled on Nintendo's servers....


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