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Thread: Homebrew Problems Please Help 4.3e

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    Homebrew Problems Please Help 4.3e

    Hi guy's I am really stuck here I have followed the softmod guide for 4.3e, I have played lego indiana jones,
    then loaded the hack and gone to the art room and installed boot mi and homebrew channel, I have then formatted my sd card and put part 2 onto the sd card and got up multi-mod manager:012 and it won't let me install any wads anyone have any ideas as I am really fed up? I have done loads of wii's the same way but for some reason it just won't work on this one.

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    Are you saying your MMM is version 12?

    If that's the case, try updating it. (Because in version 13.3 is when support for 4.3 was added.)
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    @ fear_bot - is what I think the op was trying to post after mmm. If you are using the softmod any wii guide on this site mmm should be the correct version.

    If you are using that guide, I hate to state the obvious, cause you said you have done loads of Wii's, but I like to start with the basics when troubleshooting.
    1. FORMAT YOUR SD CARD to fat32 with the quick format box unchecked. Also make sure it is a sandisc 1 or 2gb. SDHC cards will not work.
    2. Try and redownload the modpack and extract to sd card.

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    Hi Guy's thanks I was using my brother in law's software so I downloaded it off here and did it step by step and it worked obviously not the best software but thanks for all the posts really helped.


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