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Thread: Help needed with neogamma

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    Help needed with neogamma

    Help needed
    I cant get rogue leader rebel strike to work. All the time i randomly get cannot read disc error while ingame. Also twilight princess doesent even start (gc version, i gave up and burned wii version instead).

    Also randomly getting disc read errors from neogamma, my first multi iso disc with timesplitters 2, [COLOR=#009900 !important]wind[/COLOR] waker and [COLOR=#009900 !important]luigi's mansion[/COLOR] work pretty well. Sometimes i still get neogamma disc read error but it works after i take [COLOR=#009900 !important]the dvd[/COLOR] out and put it back..

    But the one where i put rogue leader 2 and 3 + twilight gc version just wont work. 1/10 times i get neogamma to read the disc and choose game, rogue squadron 2 seems to work, rebel strike gives those random cannot read disc ingame errors and twilight gc wont even start. Fails to read dvd in gc booting menu thingy..

    So, is the problem that either one of those 2 games just dont work on multi iso dvd, should i burn em separately one game per disc? Got all the cios and mios done like in guides :C

    Using imgburn, tried 2x and 4x speeds and Maxell dvd-r (cant find prettymuch any better here in finland). help, please. I want gc games to work cause i wasted 25€ to [COLOR=#009900 !important]memory card[/COLOR] also.

    I used the guide found on this site also.
    Anyways, getting scared to even try and burn more gc games becouse i dont want to waste so many cd's.. preferrably using multi iso to have 3 gc game on one dvd but.. would love to find list that shows games NOT working on multi iso.. or prevents all games from working on those dvd's.

    Allright, apparently wii version of twilight princess wont work either! Thats the first wii game not working so far. The game disc could not be read.

    Same problem with No more Heroes 2
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    Thanks Odd didn't notice that one...... To o/p stick to the one thread and be done with it....


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