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Thread: error (ret = -1017)

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    error (ret = -1017)

    when i try to install wad with the wad manager i get this error : error(ret = -1017)
    can someone tell me how can i fix it?

    thank you

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    Some more info would be good. What are you trying to achieve? Have you followed a modding guide on here?

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    Would be useful to give more information about your sittuation along with a syscheck..
    Error Index is here
    -> no or wrong cIOS present. All "good" wads which should or can be on your wii can be found in maui's softmod any wii guide, along with some information how to install wads using MultiModManager, good luck for now.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    I had this issue for a while, Make sure you install a Cios that brings the trucha bug back. That's NECESSARY, and what created the error for me...
    Hope that helps.


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