Let's see if the hardcore modders are still alive

I need a Wiikey2 for 2 people.. and I have 2.. problem is that one of them is new (yay ) and the other one is from an NTSC Wii with region override set to off. Both Wii's that need the Wiikey2 now are PAL.

As you can imagine I cannot use the WK2 from the NTSC system in the PAL wii. It won't even take the config disc (PAL).

Is there some way I can flash it back to factory state ?

I was thinking of doing this :

- install both WK2 at the same time in one (PAL) Wii
- put a 3-way switch from 3.3v (board) to 3.3v on both WK2's.
- enable the switch to power the new WK2 and boot the Wii
- run the update disc and when it asks to hold reset for 3 seconds, I flip the switch to the US WK2
- then hold reset for 3 secs and let it update

Will this work ? Or will end up with 2 broken WK2's ?

Any other ideas are welcome of course !