I've searched and searched and can't find my exact problem covered anywhere, so I'm sorry if this has appeared somewhere else and been answered.

I've got a ntfs hard drive (With a small fat32 partition to run stuff from) running ios249rev20 and I'm having a heck of a time getting wiiflow to see my drive. It doesn't work at all when I use the 249 version of wiiflow, and when I use 222 version of wiiflow, it works once. The first time I run wiiflow after installing the 222.dol (renaming it to boot.dol) it works 100%, I can see all my games, etc. Once I reboot the wii, turn off the wii, or even just go back to the main menu, every time after I try to run it, I get the "I can't find any games, set the partition" message. Doesn't matter if I turn the wii all the way off to a red dot on the power button...can be immediately after closing it again (so not a hard drive spindown/sleep issue) and the only way to get it to work again is to reinstall a fresh 222 wiiflow, and then it'll work once again.

Even just deleting the .ini file and trying to run it again doesn't work...I have to install the whole thing again.

Any ideas? What other information do I need to give to be more helpful?