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Thread: Black Ops Wii Multiplayer Black Screen

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    Question Black Ops Wii Multiplayer Black Screen

    Hello everybody,

    Recently, I've been playing Black Ops on my Wii and the campaign works perfectly fine, but when I go to multiplayer, my Wii just gets a black screen and never loads through. I've heard that there are a lot of updates that have been released for Black Ops and I have priiloader installed. I've set to block disc updates and online updates, is that the reason why my Black Ops disc won't load multiplayer? Is it safe for me to enable disc updates temporarily just to get the updates for Black Ops so I can play online? My Wii system menu version is 4.3u if that matters at all.

    Thank you for the help and I'm sorry if I sound like a complete idiot.

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    Yeah, I only wish we had a guide for that game. It would be really nice if we did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    Yeah, I only wish we had a guide for that game. It would be really nice if we did.
    Yeah. I bet once we live in a post-apocalyptic world ruled my Michele Bachmann someone will finally make one for us.

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