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Thread: Config Loader won't recognize most of my games from hdd, No problems with flashdrive

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    Config Loader won't recognize most of my games from hdd, No problems with flashdrive

    Ok, so I've been playing most of my back ups from a USB flash drive (16 GB) and that was working great for me. It was kind of a pain though, because I can only pick 3 games at a time to put on there, and I would much rather just browse all of the games at once. I found a 300 GB HDD laying around, formatted it with WBFS Manager and loaded around 20 ISO's on to it. However, this is all that happens (Sorry, wouldn't let me upload the pictures here for some reason):

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

    one of the game name shows up, I get that garbled box art stuff... I`m not sure what I`m doing wrong? All of these games play fine off my 16GB USB Flash drive....


    EDIT: Also, just realised this should have gone into one of the sub forums. :P Sorry!
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    Hey Taylor, I use CFG loader you may be a little confused, check out the guides on here CFG works well with Fat 32. Try easeus partition manager and use wii game manager, It will transfer ISO into wbfs files. Once you are setup you can rip your originals with CFG straight to your drive. Google Wiihacks hard drive setup. you will find it.
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    What I meant was CFG Loader. I figured it was more or less the same thing. Interestingly enough, I seem to have found a fix. Before I tried transferring at least 5 ISO's at once, and at least one of them would be corrupted or at least unreadable in CFG/Wiiflow. It seems to work if I'm only transferring 2 or 3 ISOs at a time. I'll try FAT32 if this doesnt end up working, I just heard that WBFS is more compatible.

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    I use wbfs manager and a wbfs formatted drive. Never had any problems moving dozens of .iso's at a time. Sometimes hundreds, when I'm re-loading a new HDD. Is your computer corrupting the .iso files?


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