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Thread: hombrew stuck loading

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    Question hombrew stuck loading

    hi im having trouble with the letterbomb hack, i found it in my mail initiated it installed all no memory cards or gc controllers attached but when i load hombrew channel it just loads, i have a strong internet hooked up im running 4.3u wii system menu im using a Kingston 4gb sdhc card that normally works with my wii im also getting a sandisk sdhc memory card soon, will this work or what can i do, ive uninstalled and re installed formated to fat 32 it still stays stuck can you help

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    Try a different card. SDHC is going to give you troubles for modding too.

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    When you say stuck loading.. you probably don't have any apps installed. Check you SD card, look in the apps folder, if it is empty or you don't even have an apps folder homebrew won't really load anything.

    If you do have stuff in the apps folder, follow Skellinator's advice.

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    thank you so much it works now i had no apps i thought i did


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