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Thread: acekard 2i help

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    acekard 2i help

    hi guys doin my nut now i had the happybox r4i and pokemon black was not working so i decided to get the acekard2i and i got the same problem. ds is a xl on 1.4e i got all the files from but i get white screen all the time if i put the card in the ds lite the game loads fine do i need to update the firmware on the dsi xl? i been looking high and low and no fix seems to be working thanks guys

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    Dont update the firmware on the dsi. Just go to and download akaio 1.8.8 and pu it in the sd

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    thanks for the reply tried that still the same dont get how its fine on ds lite but not the xl

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    anyone else have any suggestions please as i tried 3 dif micro sd cards and still white screens

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    you need to update the carts internal firmware,akaio is just a loader mainly.Check this link here and follow the instructions mate,it does work trust me

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    ok guys it was something so simple lol i saw sum 1 sayin pull the cart out a bit and that was it problem solved 3 days stress for a simple thing but thanks for all your help guys


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