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Thread: trying to install channels onto my Wii ((noob and new here))

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    Unhappy trying to install channels onto my Wii ((noob and new here))

    ok i've searched google for a while but it keeps coming up with backing up onto my USB rather then installing channels onto my Wii through usb.

    I want to install my app channels from my usb onto my Wii so i don't have to load them from usb any more.

    ((home-brew fails to load both usb and SD card they remain unhighlighted, although channels load perfect through loadmii))

    currently running wii 4.3E and home brew- 1.0.7 iso61 V22.30
    ((i did not modd the wii i got it of a friend so im a new to all this.))

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    What channels do you speak of?

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    The snes9x gx channel for 1 o havd downlooded the boot file and the installer, so I can put my 80 or so snes games I have game carts of on my wii.

    Also mame if possible for my Aes carts I own. ((neo geo))


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