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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles running error??

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    Xenoblade Chronicles running error??

    So two main things. The first being that I have been playing Xenoblade Chronicles a copy i got from demonoid and when I get to the part with the second face mech, the cutscene after the fight the game freezes.

    Now I have tried a few different ISOs and this still happens when i load my save file for each ISO. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? I just followed Mauis tutorial like 3 weeks ago so I believe everything is up to date.

    If you believe it is a problem with the ISOs that are being used then does anyone have a link for a copy that doesnt do this? I have checked a ton of sites and all seem to fail for me.

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    whats wrong with buying the game?

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    i buy all my wii games except this one isnt in north america. not trying to offend anyone just want to know if there are other north american users who have found a way

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    So you pirate this game and come here to look for answers to why it doesn't work for you? Go ask where you downloaded it from instead of here, we do not help pirates, thread closed.

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