Overview - What it does
* It will create a Freeboot image with your given options, it uses ibuild and fbbuild to do this, so it doesn't really have the functions itself, it's more like a script then an actual program.
* You can set presets of various options within the program, this way if you do alot of machines that are similar you don't have to choose everything over and over, however you still need to restart the program after it completes building your nand.
* You may enable or disable logging if you like, you can choose output filename yourself or use the preset one (freeBOOT.bin)
* It'll if you want it to download the appropiate systemupdate for your version of rebooter (the downloads come from logic-sunrise)
* It'll read the file "cpukey.txt" and if it contains a cpukey this will be checked for typo's and if it passed it'll be used as your cpukey

What's new/fixed:
* Added: Multilingual support
* Added: Translations into: French and Swedish
* Added: A template with instructions for translators
* Added: Option in config.ini for language called lang, change this to your language and it'll load that file, if it doesn't exist it'll use hardcoded english
* Added: CB reading support with suggestion of what mobo you should choose
* Fixed: Fatal bug with version 1.2.2 causing random E13/0031 errors on Xenons due to wrong SMC version

Source- xboxscene