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Thread: D2Pro9 (D2C) (v2.2 HW) (v1.7 FW) issues with loadiig Multigame (GCOS)

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    D2Pro9 (D2C) (v2.2 HW) (v1.7 FW) issues with loadiig Multigame (GCOS)

    D2Pro9 (D2C) (v2.2 HW) (v1.7 FW) issues with loadiig Multigame (GCOS)

    Hi Guys.

    I have a weird issue loading GCOS/Multigame iso after upgrading from Argon/d2ckey to D2pro9.

    -Insert any GCOS/Multigame, it detects it from the game channel and able to load it.
    -Once I'm at GCOS main main, I can see "Boot DVD" "Credits" as a selection.
    -After selecting "Boot DVD" I now can see a prompt "Place a Disc in the Drive, Press A to start the process...

    Normally with the same disc/wii/old mochip, I can just hit "A" and another message should pop up saying "Found Drive XXXXX" but this time the menu screen is stuck at "Drive 20070213 Ok! and nothing else after that.

    Wii ISO or Gamecube ISO works fine, only GCOS/Multigame ISO has the issue.

    Please help me out!
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    Can someone with a D2pro9.... please test it with a iso game with GCOS and can you tell me if the game loads or not? please..

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    What is GCOS ... i presume its a game.

    Yours Newbie :-)


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