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Thread: MMM won't install internet channel

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    MMM won't install internet channel

    In looking for a good way to get the internet channel i came across MMM. I've had the internet channel before but it came to an untimely delete, as the shop channel won't let you download more than one and wads can be a bit messy, I now tried to install it through the MMM option. However, when i try it seems to install fine but there is no trace of the channel when it's finnished. Is this an IOS problem? I am running the dreaded 4.3 u. Any help is much welcomed.

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    But your wii is softmodded right? so at least hbc to run MMM i guess?
    You can have a look into narse's latest IOS and channels page here. Maybe you donwloaded/tried to install a wrong region internet channel? I would delete the ones installed on your wii and re-install the one you want (of the correct region, U).

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    Hi all, i have got a problem with the internet channel, i can not important it with any program alway comes up with a uninstalled error (ret= - 1022) and does not seem to install the last part of the channel, i have used different downloads of the channel wad from Nintendo, Nus, Nus opera etc all the same! so i assume it not a problem with the channel wad, i have just done a complete softmod update that worked very well using the online important guide Softmod ANY Wii thanks for that but still cant install the internet channel!
    Could the problem be too little free if yes what could i do to free up some and how?

    Please advise
    Thanks Kar
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