Hello, I have been digging around on the forums here for a little while now, and after doing various searches, I cannot find a direct situation of someone else to that of which I am in. Either way, the situation is as the following.

Around 2 - 3 weeks ago, I was able to Softmod my Wii (vers. 4.3u) with no adherent problems whatsoever, and Priiloader was also properly installed on my system. After being able to run GC backups for the past two weeks, today suddenly I was met with an error from the launcher, which caused the console to make noise as if it were trying to eject the disk inside of the console, which I did. The Wii was frozen on screen, so I turned off the console to reboot. When I booted it back up, I was able to go past the Health Warning screen as usual, before reaching the system menu, which caused the Wiimote to become unresponsive, of which I then rebooted again. This time around, I was not able to pass the Health Warning screen at all, only yielding a black screen. With that, I loaded up Priiloader to try and get to both the system menu, and the Homebrew Channel, both of which failed giving me a black screen. After searching around here on the forums for a possible explanation, I used Priiloader to attempt to have the console directly boot to the HBC upon power up, which gives me an instant black screen.

Now I can no longer ever load up Priiloader for some reason, every time I do so, the white screen comes up, but no menu options appear. This is becoming quite frustrating as it happened out of the blue, and even as far as the Priiloader issue, I can't find any results upon that either. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.