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Thread: Can't get Wiiflow 2.2 to read NTFS or FAT

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    Question Can't get Wiiflow 2.2 to read NTFS or FAT

    Hi, I have spent days (weeks) reading forums and trying to figure this out on my own but finally I need to see if someone out there can help me out. First I have two Wii's, the first one started at 3.4U, I have a hard mod in it (wodeflow working fine), have it upgraded to 4.3U via 4.0, the 2nd is a 4.3u red which I letterbombed when virgin.

    I have installed D2X V6, first added IOS 236, then used that to install IOS249(base 56) and IOS250(Base 57), both show USB 2.0 support and Trenche bug in SYSChK. I am running WiiFlow from HBC 0.8 on IOS57 (which Is not patched) using a SD formatted FAT.

    Both units are at this level. I can run Wiiflow but it will not find any games on a FAT or NTFS drive, I thought it was not working at all but finally I tried a WTFS formatted drive and bam I see games. Both units do me the same way and won't run on NTFS and FAT drives.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help someone can provide
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    No ideas?? I think it's an IOS thing, do I need to patch something else other then 249/250 that I am running WiiFlow through?


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    Your HBC v. 1.0.8 should be running on IOS 58. Did you follow a guide on this site to softmod?

    Is you drive set primary and active, Did you follow this guide to set up your drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420 View Post
    Your HBC v. 1.0.8 should be running on IOS 58. Is you drive set primary and active?
    Sorry, mis-type, yes HBC is on 58. No, I did not know to make the USB active! Will do that and report back,

    Thanks playerkp420!

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