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Thread: Help me get my Snes9xGX save files back? If possible?

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    Help me get my Snes9xGX save files back? If possible?

    Hi there~

    I was really enjoying using my Wii to play SNES games unavailable on the WiiShop like Yoshi's Island, but then I ran into a problem (a rather self-caused problem, but still). I renamed the .smc file in my 'roms' folder because the original name was very messy and I wanted things to look a bit more clean. In doing this, however, the .smc no longer reads the save files (both save states and regular saves). This is kinda annoying.

    So then, logically, I went into my saves folder and just renamed all the files to go with the new name I had given the .smc. Still no luck~ So I then renamed the .smc and all its save files back to their original names, copy & pasted straight from the .zip they came from. Again, no luck.

    The save files are obviously still there, so I refuse to believe they can't be accessed somehow... I just need help with how exactly to do that.

    Please reply if you can help in any way, it'd be greatly appreciated (and I'll never change .smc filenames after starting a game ever again! )

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    Try getting a new copy of the rom. I'm not sure if it'll help, but it may. The save files for those games should be universal, so if you get a new copy of the rom, it may work? Just an idea.


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