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Thread: how to backup my discs

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    Question how to backup my discs

    hi guys,,,
    how do i backup my original discs using usbloadercfg
    i hav wbfs Manager 3.0 on my pc to put games on
    but don't know how i do it,

    my HDD is sett-up to go just need to know how i put the discs on the drive
    do i put my discs in the wii and do something that way
    as i'm guessin me pc wont beable to read a disc....

    thxs guys

    hav a HDD with no backed up games on,,,

    or do i need another app to do it,
    if so were and how would i use it

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    Should be just a matter of hitting the + button to get to the install menu. I know different loaders and different revisions are different, but if I run the loader and insert the disk, it will prompt me to ask if I want to install the game. Also a loader may have a text file with instructions and a search will direct you to either a guide/thread here, or the website with specific instructions.

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    have you tried reading the guide on Configurable USB Loader?

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    Eh still tryin to get me head round searchin brian,,LOL
    will now have a search

    Yes the power ov helpers....found it and hope i can understand it LOL
    thxs for the kick up the a**e
    searchin is cool,
    but talkin is better hehehehe
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