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Thread: Transfer saved game data from Wii to HDD?

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    Transfer saved game data from Wii to HDD?

    Got my Wii softmodded and have used Cfigurable USB Loader to backup a few of my games to the new drive. Everything is working great, just have one question....

    How do I transfer saved game data over so that the backed up versions can use it? All my backups seem to have no saved games!

    Appreciate any help...

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    saved game data is in Wii memory, not on hdd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    saved game data is in Wii memory, not on hdd
    Then why wouldn't they show up when I load the game??

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    Don't know, mine show up just fine. If you have saved progress you can see it in the wii saved game menu.

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    have you checked your Wii to see if it is there? As to why it isn't working, who knows...

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    Ok, I think I know what happened. My copy wasn't reading well so I downloaded a backup of the same game. Think I may have gotten the PAL instead of NsTC. Would that register as a different game altogether and not accept the saved game? Another game of mine that. Ripped straight from the disc DID work with the saved game.

    So my question is, how likely is that to the the problem, and if so, think if I deleted the downloaded one and I got the disc cleaned up enough to rip from the disc, that it will work?

    Guess it can't hurt to try. Still cheaper than replacing the drive on my Wii!

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    I think the game saves go by game ID, so yeah, a NTSC game save will not work with a PAL game, or vice versa...


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