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Thread: smackdwon vs raw & neogamma 7

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    Question smackdwon vs raw & neogamma 7

    I just bought new Wii console for my kids.

    I know nothing about it but asked the sales man to sell me one that accepts burned DVDs of game copies (in order to download the games from torrents), and he assured me that it does.

    When I got home & started it I found the disc channel, Neogamma, Photo channel, Shop channel, Weather channel, News Channel, a channel with movie explaining how to connect to the net, Homebrew channel, & the mii channel.

    He told me to use Neogamma to play copied games & it worked fine with Cooking Mama, Racket games, Daring girl games & Disney Princesses.
    But Each time i try Smackdown Vs RAW 2009 or 2011 it stops at any time (not the same point each time) & gives me that there is a disc error & I should refer to Wii manual (or something like it).

    The Wii is 4.3 & neogamma is 7.

    What would be the problem?

    Will it be better to upgrade Neogamma to R8 or R9?

    If so, how to do this upgrading process?

    Thank you for your time.

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    this post stinks, thread closed


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