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Thread: Wii QuakeGX mission packs

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    Wii QuakeGX mission packs

    **I fixed this** here's what I did, I had to first install both mods onto my PC Quake. Then I had to play both mission packs using GLQuake with -rogue and -hipnotic in the command line, respectively. Doing this meant GLQuake created a new folder called glquake, inside each mod folder and this contained all the updated models that are compatible with the emulator.

    Basically QuakeGX needs opengl files for all the new models featured in mission packs... Before I was simply adding the mod folders having not actually played the games on my PC... Playing them creates the necessary folders, so I can only assume the author worked these mods into QuakeGX with the opengl files already created

    Hi all I'm having some real trouble getting the Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity to run in Quake GX.

    I'm not sure what folders to put where and in what state to put them in? please can someone help and shed some light on this??

    I've put the folders in SD/apps/quake and they show up as selectable mods in the quake intro GUI but I can't run the actual games its gives me the error message, cant find


    then quits back to HBC

    help!! dying to play these mods, I can play standard quake just fine

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