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Thread: Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough

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    Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough

    Hello wiihacks community if you have any walkthroughs you want me to write pm me and i'll write one up. Hope this helps!

    Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough

    Semper Fi

    Don't forget you can pause and turn on subtitles. Damn! So after the horrible
    timing on their part, feel free to look around and also change the sensitivity
    option as well; low is harder to move, while high is crazy, so try to get used
    to medium before you switch.

    *NOTE: You can pause the game and check the Button Layout option to see the
    controls. You need to know your frag button, crouch/prone, sprint, and melee.*

    Pick up either the Garand or Type 100 (hold the button) and reload if needed;
    the Garand is a long range rifle, so pick it up if you prefer controlled shots.
    Go up and head into the water on the left and follow the path and kill a lone
    enemy, then feel free to pick up the Arisaka by the crates; I don't like it,
    the Garand is better. Just up and start picking off enemies; don't try for
    headshots unless you really want to. Clear out the area until Roebuck says
    you've done a good job.

    *NOTE: Two things to keep in mind. When you see the flashing grenade on screen
    you must either run away from it's direction or run to it to throw it back, but
    whatever you decide you must stay to it because when you try to run and then
    try to throw it back you are sure to die. Also, if you don't know whether a
    guy is an ally or not, if there is a name over his head when your crosshair is
    on him, he's on your side.*

    Then move up and take cover as more enemies appear at a circular hut, so toss a
    frag if you want. Go up to see an enemy get taken out by an ally. Then on the
    other side of the hut will be a turret through a window and tons of guys.
    Inside the hut is a Tommy gun on top of a crate, and you can swap your pistol
    for it. Then just get out your Garand and hit the gunner through the cloth
    window, then start picking off other enemies. Another option is to get on the
    ground and go left, pick up all the Thompson ammo in the hut, then flank the
    enemies from the side.

    *NOTE: For running, you don't have to hold down the stick, just click it once
    and you'll run until you stop.*

    Once they are all gone, advance to the next marker on your compass, visit that
    hut on the side for Tommy gun ammo if you didn't. Up the way your team is
    ambushed by melee Tojos by the shrine, but you don't have to help. Keep up
    and then you're team hits a beachhead. Shoot the spotlight up to the left first
    and the operator. Then you can toss a few frags down into the bunker to the
    left, kill the enemies, then jump in and mow down all the enemies you can see
    (red crosshairs on a turret mean they are bad guys). Once the objective is met,
    most likely your guys cleared out the other bunker, then jump out and go up
    the creek.

    At the top you should be ready for a flashbang, then you're team is ambushed by
    the hiding enemies. Crouch and pick them off, and when you go to the left
    you will be hit by more enemies and some on the sides. Make your way up to the
    top of this trail and there are two turrets to take out. Clear them and go
    to the back of the truck and press the use button to send it on its way.

    Head down to the battle and Roebuck will make his way to the left and toward a
    bunker entrance. Follow him when he does and plant the explosives at the
    table point (hold the button). Then go out and you will head straight down to
    the beach, just run, and a scene plays out. You can shoot the guys if you want
    on your way out, but you don't need to.

    Little Resistance

    Once you have control you have some missiles to send out. Select them, look to
    the southeast to the trees with the bullets flying from them, and send the
    strike in that direction. After a good job, advance and you should hit a
    Deployable Type-99 that you can swap for your pistol. Go up after the flame
    scene and to the right should be a wooden barrier by a bunch of guns. Crouch
    and use your new gun to mow down as many enemies as you can see, then advance
    to the left side where more Tojo should pour into a trench.

    Somewhere around here should be a shotgun, if you want it. Down the other
    end of the trench will be more enemies, and when you get there there will be
    a sniper in the tree nearby. When you move up the grass watch out for the two
    waves of hidden enemies that will rush you. Move up to the truck and watch out
    for more kamikazes.

    At the truck you can call a strike to your left, then get into the bunker, but
    watch out for the first three enemies. Go left and there will be one enemy for
    each corner you take, so be ready; know your melee button. When you get to the
    end, feel free to call a strike to the sandbag area in front of you after you
    clear out the nearby enemies. Whether turrets up high are manned or not, go
    under them and up the ladders. Clear them if you must.

    Then get on the ones to the southwest side and start mowing down infantry, but
    also call a strike near that enemy tank to the left; not the guys to the
    right, those are your people. Kill infantry and call a second strike on the
    far away tank; the strikes refill without delay. After the tanks are gone, go
    to the back for an ending scene.

    Hard Landing

    You got a beefy BAR, a Browning Automatic Rifle if you were wondering. Head up
    to the ambush and after the explosion be ready to mow down charging enemies
    from your front and back, then more on the right shooting and more coming from
    the front; feel free to swap your pistol for a Type 100 from a dead ally. Then
    move up to the next stopping point but be ready for another ambush from hidden
    enemies in front of you, so maybe toss a frag into the grass area.

    Then follow your team to the fight on solid ground, go up, take cover to the
    left by the cannon, and peek around the corner and start picking up enemies
    while your guys hopefully move up to stop the flow. Move up to the bunker on
    the left and head in. Take out the gunner, then around the next few corners
    is an enemy and another will pop up from ahead.

    Then make your way into the next bunker as flamethrowers and allies on the left
    side will jump over the barrier, and you as you move up the ruined bunker you
    can assist allies on the right. When you get to the end there are is a turret
    nest up ahead. All I did was run and crawl my way up to the next and started
    killing the gunners, but they kept appearing. Either I hit a barrel inside or
    I just hit the limit of kills, but the whole thing exploded and opened up a
    hole on the left side. You could also toss your special grenades, smoke,
    in front of both, but my way worked too.

    *NOTE: Remember, if you need ammo, feel free to look around or swap guns. A
    quick tip for ammo, as sad as it may be, look for dead allies to refill your
    guns, since the Jap guns are trash, I assume you don't pick those up.*

    Enter in and there are just two guys defending the corner. Then go out and
    when you team stops at a turned-over truck, be ready for grass enemies, then a
    gunner in the tree on the right, then a second set of grass enemies farther
    away. Move up after you collect ammo from fallen allies.

    In the next area is a heavily fortified building. You can try to snipe the
    turret gunners, but you should just follow the path down and over to a truck
    with supplies, but be ready to melee suicide Tojo. Pick up the grenade launcher
    modified M1 Garand. This thing is a normal garand, which is awesome, but if
    you press the special use button (d-pad) you will put a frag at the end of it
    to be a launcher. It does fall short of where you aim the farther you aim, so
    keep that in mind. Just start shooting at enemies in the building and go back
    to behind the truck for more frags.

    *DEATH CARD 3: In the building, through the doorway to the right in the dark

    When it's mostly clear, head up and frag the left, back side where the enemies
    are; feel free to refill if you must. Go in and up the stairs drop out onto the
    airfield with your tanks on the left. Follow behind them until you hit the
    barriers and fencing. Head up the middle and there is a pit with a bazooka.
    Swap out anything but your garand and start firing at the enemy tanks, there
    are three. Get the first one, refill on rockets, then shoot the second and
    third, and I never found another spot with more ammo, so I guess you'll have to
    come back.

    You should make your way to the left side and from there push up to the front
    line of their barricade, using any and all grenades against their positions.
    Once you have the sandbag area, up the narrow path on the side will be more
    enemies, so be ready. Head up to the top area where you must take out the
    gunners of three AA guns. You can hit the first three from the ramp with
    careful aiming, but then you'll have to smash your way to the fourth.

    Then you should get on the upper AA gun on either side that looks west and be
    ready for a defense. You must defend this thing for either a set amount of
    time or until you've killed enough, I'm not sure. It's an endless flow of
    enemies but only three tanks will appear. An option is to use the smaller guns
    on the wall, then move to the bigger guns for the tanks, but you can't stay on
    any guns for too long. You could try just sitting back, letting your invincible
    allies do most of the work as you pick off the few enemies that climb up.

    So it should go: use the smaller guns for the initial waves and the trucks,
    use the barrels as explosives, get off if you are under fire, get to the big
    guns when the tanks roll in (around a checkpoint), hit a tank and get off,
    kill climbers, and just survive until the carpet bombing bolls over.

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    Part 2: Vendetta - Burn 'em out


    *NOTE: Usually when you aim with an enemy in front of you, your sight will
    momentarily set to that enemy, but only briefly.*

    Once the evil German walks by, start moving forward until you meet Reznov and
    then follow him. Get up when you can and then pick up the Mosin Nagant. Use the
    scope to see the main baddy, but you have no bullets. Once you do, you will
    soon fire upon the remainig bad guys, two on the right, left, and middle, then
    one more with a dog; you'll have to melee the dog. You shoot them when the
    bombers are overhead and they will stay until you are done, and don't forget to
    can steady your aim, but it's possible to snipe without it.

    After that, move up and when he goes north, follow and jump in for cover. Move
    up and on the other side you will come under sniper fire, so jump into the next
    building. Up the stairs Reznov will be bait. He will run across and the sniper
    will be in the top floor, in the window on the corner of the building; you
    should try to snipe him the first time. Then your pal will play bait one more
    time, but wait about three seconds before you hold your aim as he takes a while
    to draw the sniper out. If you fail, just get into a shadowed area and I sure
    hope you can get him when he pops out of the same window a third time. If you
    don't you'll enter a game of cat and mouse where you must move as he does.
    You can move to different shadowed areas but he will keep moving along the
    same line and not hop around, so best of luck, it's tough.

    Follow Reznov after you take out the sniper and follow him to the point where
    the Nazis are passing on the road. I think you can try to go prone and hide,
    but I'm pretty sure they will spot you. Go prone and crawl up behind your
    pal as you avoid the fire. When he gets up, you should too but watch out for
    the medium fire in the doorway you can crawl under or just crouch and go
    through fastly. Follow him up the stairs and keep going for a scene.

    Pick up either the Kar or MP40 (I say Kar) and go up the ladder. Use your
    sniper rifle and watch as the flamer moves around, after he stops by the two
    Nazis, shoot him back tank to blow them up. Then snipe the turret gunner far
    away. Then use your Kar to pop off enemies all over. Soon there will be four
    to the left and two up high, so be ready for them.

    Once your team advances, follow Rez up the building and swap the MN for the
    PTRS. You can move up and toss a frag over to the opposite doorway as enemies
    will file out, then two dogs; feel free to use the PTRS if you run out of Kar
    ammo. Then move up and look to the south and start picking off enemies on the
    street, but soon there will be APC's on both sides and a turret gunner on the
    ground, so you'll need to take out both. Then work on the enemies on a roof to
    the left and then the ones on the opposite roof.

    Once the objective is complete, go right into the building, maybe after
    grabbing that fresh MN by the wall. And when you meet with Rez there will be
    enemies nearby, so feel free to toss a frag or two down the hall. Follow him
    to the perch and look to the left for when Amsel and his men come out. You
    have no time in which you must kill him, just put a bullet in his head at
    any point. You can pick off the bodyguards if he hides, but try to get him
    around the tank and burning truck hiding spots; his men are the snipers, so
    take them out if you must. After the truck he will soon try to board a car
    and escape, so shoot the driver; but you can kill him at any time before or
    after, just kill him (he's the guy with the hat, FYI).

    After, just run with him, he will mow down the enemies, and then jump after he
    does to end the level.

    Their Land, Their Blood

    Feel free to not kill them, if that somehow clears you mind of all the killings
    you will commit after. You don't have to do anything in the fields, just move
    up, and feel free to grab anything by swapping your pistol; the Gewehr being
    one such gun. At the river kill enemies on both sides, then get across and
    feel free to go left or right, but I'll go left.

    Some frags should clear the barrier part, then go pop heads at the other end.
    Move up and in the crispy area, toss frags and molotovs to the trenches. You
    can go right and up the sides to hit a bunker with a Deployable FG42 which is a
    wicked cool gun, then clear out the field. To the right is a room with two guys
    if you want to go there. Just go under the bridge and blast the enemies as you
    head up to the left for a Panzerschrek. Get to the corner of the building, or
    inside and atop it, and from here I was able to get the first three tanks. Keep
    in mind there are tons of rockets for this thing all over and guys as you

    What I did from here was follow the left side of this area up to a corner, then
    into the middle building, cleared it out on my way to the top, and from a
    window I took out the fourth tank before it rolled away. At this same room with
    the window as FG42 ammo. Then go meet your team by the barn. Take cover to
    the right at the corner of the trench as the doors will be blasted open and
    a Panzer will emerge, so just pop two quick shots into it as your friends
    handle the infantry.

    *NOTE: There was a trench in the area if you wanted to be more direct with
    attacking that fourth tank, or you could have even gone behind the building.
    And FYI, you can aim lower than the spike in your sights if you have trouble
    aiming the rocket launcher at a distance.*

    Go in there is ammo, then go out to your tanks and hop on the back of one. You
    will come off automatically at the fight. Go up the path and start picking off
    enemies, especially the guy in the tower. I found it best in the camp to work
    to the right along the edge of the area and then go past the gate. Once you do
    toss a frag where the truck will unload and you unload some of your own on the
    Germans; don't forget the guy in the tower either.

    After the truck, make your way to the left, snake through the tents, kill the
    enemies you see, and then use your rockets on the two towers on either side,
    then the rest on the APC up the road. The road will be cut off, so make your
    way to the right side, up the stage thing, and then the mission is basically
    over. Just walk up the road, observed the slaughtered Germans, and that's that.

    Burn 'em Out

    *NOTE: If you didn't realize it, you can "cook" your grenades by holding the
    toss button, then throw. Prevents them time from throwing it back, but don't
    hold too long. Just cook for a second or two.*

    You have the M2 Flamethrower, and before you move from the start you can swap
    out your garand for a Tommy gun on the right, if you want. You can basically
    crouch for the start. Go up and toss some smoke around the corner of the
    trench and move up. There will be enemies in front of you, to the east, so
    toss frags or burn them and move up. Head into the bunker and burn them through
    the screen. Inside is a Trench Gun (aka a shotgun).

    *NOTE: Yes, you can be burned by any fire, so watch your step.*

    Come back to the first crossroad and go up the southern path as enemies will be
    around ever corner and up above you, so stay low and be ready for enemies
    anywhere, even in the trees. Use your flamethrower or shotgun, either one, and
    don't be afraid to toss frags ahead of you. When you hit the second bunker,
    same deal as before, only these four enemies will try to rush you.

    Then go outside and up with your M2 start burning everything in the pit, then
    jump in and burn the guys down a fenced tunnel to the right. There are snipers
    in both trees, so burn them. Toss smoke at the corner of the trench and then go
    and burn the third tree sniper, then melt the sandbag area to take out the guys
    on the side as you watch for rushers.

    Move up the trench, big group to burn at the corner, a bunker to burn on the
    right side, and then pick up the Type99 in the bunker, unless you really like
    that short-ranged shotgun. Go out and toss smoke down the trench into the
    open area, then run up and burn the sides, then anyone not an ally. There there
    are two bunkers. Enter the one on the left with your flame shooting because the
    guys will rush you. There is Type99 ammo inside.

    Pull your your other gun and enter the right tunnel as enemies will be in the
    open part of it. Toss frags around the corner as there is a wicked nest of
    Tojo, so cook your frags too, then run up and just spew fire from side to side.
    Go out into the mortar pit with flame's a firin' as this is the last one.

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    Part 3: Relentless - Eviction


    Press the button to exit the tank when told. Run up and take cover behind the
    burned tank on the right and feel free to swap for that Tommy gun. Just make
    a path and run to the left side of the creek and use either gun as you advance
    up this path. You'll come out at the site of a fight, and the best advice I
    could give is to toss some smoke and run to the left as you take out bad guys,
    there's a garand in this bunker.

    Clear this area, then move up to the second fight where you have quite a mess
    to sort out. You can stay left, the easiest path, and use smoke to move up.
    If you do your friends should clean out the swamp and the buildings on the
    right side. Take the path to the north up the hill and you'll hit the third
    battle zone.

    Here just stay down and clear the guys to the left. When the flame tank appears
    you should go left and then follow it up the hill, but not directly behind it.
    You could possibly stay behind cover and let it run its course, or move along
    cover close behind it. There will be enemies popping up all over, even in
    spots the tank clears. You mainly want to keep your eye to the left cave
    entrance at the top, that will have the most enemies.

    Once you clear the area, go into the left side. I really don't need to explain
    all of this, it's just move up, kill, move up, kill, over and over. In the
    second room you hopefully can toss some smoke, otherwise just crawl, pop heads,
    and crawl up until your guys run in with you. From the left side you could
    even run in and jump to a raised area and pick off targets along the gunner
    positions along the wall, and feel free to spend your remaining frags. Regroup
    with you team to end the level.

    Blood & Iron

    So you have a cannon with your fire button and fire with you frag button. Move
    up and then kill the artillery on the left, a rocket guy on the right, then
    hit the tank far in the distance; move around a little so you're not such an
    easy target, just don't look too far to the side or things will get frustrating
    if you try to make a sharp turn.

    Move into the field, hit the artillery on the left, then enter into a game of
    firing at anything that shoots at you. There are towers, tons of tanks, and
    those pesky rocket guys that just make this harder than it should be - there
    should be infantry support handling them, not two tanks. Make your way up the
    left path to the artillery, and get up to the buildings and put on the fire in
    both as you move along the path, hitting any towers on the sides (those guys
    far in the distance are yours, but they aren't helping you).

    At the bend in the path are two Panzers, then you're in another huge field. The
    towers and infantry are located with the final artillery placement in the
    center with tanks coming from both sides. Take out the tanks, move at an angle
    as you approach the center, and burn/blast the rocket launchers.

    Make your way north and take either path to the next fight. There are two tanks
    where you enter, another on the left, and one up to the right in the back.
    There are two towers on boths sides, and get up close to the building to burn
    the guys, some on the outside too.

    Take the left side path and you'll be above the battlefield, so take out the
    two towers, then make your way down to take out the many Panzers. One on the
    left, one in the middle, four on the right, and one in the back. Swing left,
    take out the towers, burn any infantry, and soon the level should end.

    Ring of Steel

    This Mosin is not scoped, so you're better off using your pistol so you can
    get an enemy rifle. Move up with your comrades until you hit the ruined
    buildings, then you can run to the left, hide, kill a German, take his gun,
    and then move into the left corner and kill anyone nearby. The PPSh and Gewehr
    and good guns to stick with, but almost anything is good to pick up. The PPSh
    is my fav gun so far.

    Enter the building and go up the stairs and start picking off Krauts in every
    window; that rocket launcher helps for the ones you can see directly into.
    Kill enough of them and the tanks can move up. Head down and around to see your
    guys collecting at the stairs, and at the top will be a MG42 and ammo. Around
    the corner are enemies, but your guys should be able to handle them. Move
    until you are on a walkway, and then look down to a gruesome scene.

    Move along and you'll be near the asylum. Take cover and look right to some
    Nazis pouring into the street. Don't panic, just follow the buildings on the
    right side and run along them, pick off enemies, and getting to the other
    side will stop the flow. Then take cover as you focus on the asylum. Take cover
    from the turret at the corner to the far right and look to the top of a roof
    for two rocket guys and take them out. Move over a pit area, clear any bad
    guys, jump in, and then run and take cover on the right side of the path to the
    enemy position. You will run to the left and take cover behind a red thing, and
    from there quickly mow down enemies who can see you; throw frags/molotovs if
    you must. And from here just peek around the corner, take out the guys near
    you and the turret gunner up high.

    Go into either entrance of the asylum and make your way to the stairs, but to
    the right is some more building you may want to see just to see it, no other
    reason. At the top you will enter a fight in the shower area, so clear a path
    to the left and take cover, then toss molotovs at the other side. When your
    buddies advance, it's clear. Move up and on the left is that turret, so man
    it and clear the guys up and down, then stay on it until the guys stop coming
    out. Then come to the central walkway and just run to where you cut the bad
    guys down for a checkpoint.

    Clear the way up and turn left to take out another turret gunner. Take up point
    next to this turret to clear out anyone who tries to man it, then clear out the
    room before going around and clearing this part out. Then you move up to the
    next area with enemies scattered all over, so toss a few molotovs and frags and
    move up until all is dead.

    Then run out and join your friends in a pseudo-victory lap. However, there are
    still tons of Krauts all over, and you're probably better off just sticking
    behind cover and shooting a Nazi every now and then as you follow the tanks.
    Once your voice starts over the speakers, you can just sit and avoid death.


    Move up to the murder and on the right is a Double-Barreled Shotgun to swap for
    your pistol. Follow your men across a roof, inside, and they will take point
    in a room with some Germans. You don't have long before they notice you all
    there, so toss a frag or start blasting, only a handful of them to deal with.
    Then go out the back and kill the two in the hall, then the two at the bottom
    of the stairs.

    Go down and in the first room you see there is a Russian soldier being held by
    two Nazis, so take them out quickly to save him. But then the ton of enemies
    down the room will start firing at you. Just take cover, crouch, and make your
    way up the right side, clearing out the guys in your way and flanking the rest
    in the main part of the room. Kill the rest at the end and move up to the upper
    area of a lobby.

    Jump down the hole to the right and head up the right side, which is under the
    stairs, and kill the enemy here, then look into the room and kill the others.
    There should be a few on the lower level, so watch out for them. Your job is to
    kill the Germans on the upper walkway, then go up the stairs, take either hall
    to the room above the turret on the ground, and through the boards on the floor
    hit the gunner.

    Head down and in the basement area you'll fight a pre-set amount of Nazis, so
    either stay at the entrance and shoot or take point in the room with the window
    views. Move up and you'll fight more before heading into the streets; the room
    on the right has more ammo for you. Here all you have to do is move with the
    tanks up the street. The key is to go prone behind cover when you are under
    fire, but you have to keep moving.

    When the objective is complete, go around the corner to the right and there are
    some Germans trying to surrender. Your choice is to either kill them yourself
    or let your pals burn them alive; doesn't matter, I chose to let them die
    fast. Then head into the subway where you have two paths you can take, but I
    believe you can cross into either, and even take the middle up the train cars.
    If you take the sides there are rooms along the way to clear, ammo all over,
    and just stay low and move up as you pick off Germans. It's hard to see, yes,
    but just stay sharp and you'll hit the end.

    When you are in the water, move up and start firing at the Nazis. Just keep
    returning fire and taking cover, no need to stick your neck out too far as the
    level will soon end with you not being able to do much about it.

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    Part 4: Blowtorch & Corkscrew - Heart of the Reich

    Blowtorch & Corkscrew

    Move up and it may interest you to know you have a Browning M1919, a big gun.
    Head up the hill and when everyone is still, move up the left and be ready to
    burn the guys that pop out of the holes in the ground. Burn them and hop into
    one yourself. Move up along these, staying to the left side as you move up,
    and just watch out for grenades as you hit the bend in the path.

    Up the hill is more burning, and when you approach the turret at the top, throw
    smoke and use the M1919 to clear a way into any of the three cave tunnels; all
    lead to the same end. On the other side clear enemies in the grass and move up.
    When you have the next objective to blow up the bunkers, go right and flank the
    first bunker. All you do is flame all the enemies, get out you satchel charges,
    toss one into the bunker, stand back, and blow it up.

    *NOTE: If you run out, go back to the swamp area and there will be more.*

    Then swing around the right side of the next bunker and just toss in a satchel
    and blow it up to clear it out. Then head west to an empty bunker, pick off
    some of the enemies to the left, then cross the bridge and kill the enemies
    that rush you. Then go atop the hill, feel free to mow down the flow of Tojos
    down the path, then toss a satchel into the bunker to your right and blow it.

    Clear it out and then head into the far bunker for the next area. Go with your
    tank to the left, but it will be taken out. Watch out to the left as enemies
    will charge at you. Kill them and advance up the left path with your flame
    thrower, but make sure not to outrun your friends. Let them join you and you
    take to the back entrance. Toss frags around the truck, then use your M1919
    on the trucks to take out any enemies.

    *NOTE: Keep an eye out for a Type 99 if you are low on your M1919.*

    Enter and then run in with flames'a firin'. Clear out the first room of enemies
    and just a few in the second room. Move down the left path and there may be one
    more by the ladder. Go up after your team and quickly clear out the side of the
    room with enemies. Go up this ladder and there are just a few initial Japs, but
    then just wait as your friends climb up. In the room will be a few on the right
    side, a ton on the left, and a couple at the back. Swing to the right, to the
    top, then to the left side, burning anything in your path. Then go up the
    ladder by yourself and burn the final two enemies.

    Breaking Point

    No ammo. Move up and you'll need to hold for ammo, then feel free to pick up
    another gun; try for the Tommy gun on the left. Then run to the right and go
    prone behind the cover, and then look left for rushing Japs. From here you
    should just snipe the enemies perched on the trees. Take them out, kill a few
    on the sides, and when your friends run up the left trench, you follow.

    Ammo here and then drop down the hole. Move up and when you see the Tojo in a
    room, toss in a frag, then back up and let the rushers come at you. Clear it
    out and go up the ladder. Around the corner a guy will be ambushed, and I say
    it's best to run up and slash that enemy when he's out of his animation. Then
    go up the stairs and camp out on either side of the steps as you pick off Tojo
    all around, and watch out for banzai rushers. When it's quiet, move up and
    more should pop up to the right. Kill them and then run up the steps. Look
    around the corner and pick off the enemies to the right.

    *NOTE: Just so you know, you can shoot through wooden buildings.*

    Approach the buildings and more enemies appear through the windows, up on
    the roof, and all over. Clear it, head in, and in the long hall there is a
    room on the side with a M1919 and two Tojos. Head up the stairs and follow the
    path to th first mortar crew. There is a box of mortar shells on the left by
    the wall and you can toss these all over like free grenades that explode on
    impact. You mainly want to clear out the pit just over the wall on the left,
    and don't forget to toss a shell at the building in front of you as it will
    blow up entirely. Then clear the pit to the right.

    Move up to the second area and there is again a pit on the left and right. Stay
    at this corner you enter this area from and just pick off the heads from the
    pit or toss in a grenade. Then go around the corner to the left and use a shell
    to take out the turret tower, and if you don't get the pit that's under it
    toss again. From here you'll just need to watch out for banzai, so don't use a
    shell unless you must.

    Head up the path and there will be banzai in the grass. Go into the ruined
    building and exit out the back right side. Just move up and pick off enemies
    with you pals. At the back will be the final bunch of enemies, so finish them
    off. Pick up an M1A1 Carbine if you see one.

    Go into the building and head left and man the turret. After you clean off the
    area, go help clear the remaining rooms; pick up a Thompson if you see one
    lying around. Head left and down into the tunnels and around the first corner
    will be barrels in the back to shoot and blow up all the enemies. Then hit the
    next room, take cover on the left, and pick off enemies as you move up; all the
    barrels are live. Toss a frag into the room and then clear it out. Head up to
    the next stairs, clear it, and go up.

    Head down the steps and now you have a choice between Polonsky or Roebuck, so
    choose who will live, but I believe saving Roebuck on the right gives you an
    achievement/trophy, with nothing for the other guy.

    Now comes the final stand, which is a mess. There are mortar shells to the
    right, but those are tricks into getting you to expose yourself; don't go for
    them. Just sit back, have your melee attack ready for banzais, and hit a few
    enemies when you see them. You goal is to just set airstrikes on the building
    across the yard, to the northeast. Then you'll endure banzai waves from the
    east as you set an airstrike on that final building. Survive, call strikes
    until it's over, and that's all from Japan.

    Heart of the Reich

    Move up with you allies down the left alley. You can toss a few frags up to the
    enemies, then make your way to the left and clear out the enemies you see;
    there is a tiny divet to the left of the hole in the wall you can use for cover
    but watch out for frags. Either enter the building or go alond the outside,
    then clear the enemies in the alley at the corner, even a few through the

    Head into the library and clear it out, and to the back and right there is a
    room with a few guns, including a FG42. Come out and jump through the window.
    Follow the trench and there is a brief wait. When it's chargin' time, jump
    over the ramp to hit the ground on the right, then approach the side of the
    raised area and shoot any bad guys you see. Jump up, go prone, and pick off
    enemies until your friends arrive. Move up and go behind a bench, clear out the
    surrounds of the artillery, then run up, plant the charge, and then stand back
    as it blows.

    Then fight your way left and plant the second. Head up the steps and atop the
    stairs you can pick off enemies throughout the ruins. Then clear a path left
    and plant the third charge. Go right and through the ruins to the right and
    plant the final charge. Then make your way up the right side of this building,
    flank the guys inside, and then climb the ladder at the end for more PPSh ammo.
    There may be enemies on the roofs around you, so watch out, and there are a
    few sniper rifles up here. Take the big one and go up the next ladder to snipe
    a few enemies up in the windows, but I believe they keep coming.

    The thing with the steps is pretty dumb. You go up the steps, camp to the left
    side behind the cover, kill enemies to the right, even that one on the
    bastion, and then you just wait for your friends to move up and a pillar to
    fall. Then just pick off a few enemies, watch your friend get toasted, then
    head inside to end the level.

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    Part 5: Downfall (last level)


    *NOTE: A good old fashion German MP40 is the rifle of choice in this mission.*

    Head up to the big room and there are enemies all over. There are a ton along
    the front, some up high, and equal groups on the side rooms. Feel free to
    attack in whatever order, it doesn't matter as you'll have to kill them all
    and I believe the guys in the center will keep flowing until you move to the
    stairs. So clear one side room, then a few in the middle, then the guys in the
    opposite room, then make your way up the stairs, tossing a few grenades to the
    top before you go. And feel free to pick up a few guns along the way.

    Head down the hall, killing the few enemies along the way, and at the next
    room, turn right for the stairs and on the wall is a PTRS, so grab it and go
    up. Take point on the right side, and at the very end is more ammo. Take out
    the turret gunner on the stage, then any rocket guys along the front line and
    the back, then there will be flamers in the stands. Then pick off the Nazis
    along the opposite walkway. Pick off enemies in the stands until the third wave
    appears, and some will get on the turret too.

    Then feel free to stay up here and continue to pick off enemies until they
    stop coming, and they do eventually. Then turn around and follow your guys down
    to the floor where all you need to do is get a rocket and shoot the eagle
    symbol over the stage. Then go left and wait for the doors to open. Follow them
    up and mow down the enemies along this upper walkway, all the way around.

    Go up and you're at basically the last battle. Take cover behind the sandbags
    and pick off the enemies up high. Then the ones nearby and head up to the wall,
    but watch out for enemies in the sewerway-like area behind the wall. Clear that
    part out, then peek around corners and clear up the enemies toward the opening
    in the wall at the front. Move up, clear out the side area, and watch out for
    new enemies above. Make your way to the hole and you'll see a flag-carrier

    Go pick up the flag and then just run out after a rocket salvo hits, jump over
    the obstacle, and then just head straight and it will work itself out. You can
    look around and when the flag Nazi flag is down, go up and plant the flag to
    end the game.

    Thanks for reading! Pm me if you have any questions or to suggest a walkthrough.


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    Almost no one thanks you?! I dont have the game yet but want to thank you for this guide that I will certainly use. I hope others have found this walkthrough usefull as well.

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    thanks nice guide, although i alrdy beat the game, its always fun to read over the events that happened ;D like in Vendetta, it was so hard to snipe the guy, but at the end when i thought i failed the mission again i made a lucky headshot as he was getting away in the car ;D I WAS LIKE OMGAR WTFF

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