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Thread: What is a stub? Wii Flow issue w/ IOS 222 or 249

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    What is a stub? Wii Flow issue w/ IOS 222 or 249

    I'm new here, please forgive me if this is obvious, or should be obvious.

    I have Wii Flow loaded up, but it says it needs IOS222 or 249. Both are showing up, but as stubs. I am not sure what a stub is, but it sounds like a partial bit of code and I need the whole thing. I have not been able to figure out how to get the whole thing. Any simple fixes to this?



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    it means you have no cIOS basically, have you fully softmodded your Wii?

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    Not sure what "fully softmodded" means, but I did successfully get the Homebrew Channel up and running. So Wii Flow shows up on HBC, then when I go to start it, it gives me an error, saying I need cIOS 249 (Somehow I managed to load both the 222 and 249 Wii Flows, but both are stubs).

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    more to it than putting homebrew channel on. search for, read and do the Softmod ANY Wii guide here on this site, and start at the section labeled for Wii with homebrew already installed


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