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Thread: Old Homebrew/Hacked Wii - Update and clean out - Questions

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    Question Old Homebrew/Hacked Wii - Update and clean out - Questions

    OK, so I've got an old wii that's been softmodded (no chip) for many years and I've wanted to check with someone who knows for a while now and see if there's any updating/maintenance I should do on my system. I want to make sure I don't have software incompatibilities or other trouble down the road. Also, wanted to see what if anything else I should copy/backup in case I have trouble.

    I originally used Twilight hack back in 2008, maybe, possibly early '09, and have randomly installed other things on it since. I'm on 3.2U, IOS 58v24.31. I have BootMii as boot2. I've backed up my NAND and all SD card contents on my PC as a redundant backup. I believe I have Starfall installed, if that's still something that matters? Not sure what else or how to check for it, not even sure what's relevant.

    In homebrew I show the following things:

    USB Loader GX
    cIOS38r14 installer
    FCE Ultra GX
    FCE Ultra GX channel installer
    Firmware Updater 4.1 (I don't think I've run this?)
    Homebrew Browser
    IOS58 Installer
    Snes GX/channel installer
    Trucha bug restorer
    WAD Manager
    WiiMC/channel installer

    I'm not sure what else to look at. So what I want to know is if there's anything I should do in terms of updating my IOS, my System Menu or version, or whatever else that might keep things running smoothly. I just want to make sure I'm covered if I put a new game in, or if there's some kind of new stuff I should do? I was going to install some WADs for N64 games, but wanted to hold off until I get things optimized. Also, I never go online except maybe to DL updates or boxart or something, don't play or shop or anything like that over the internet on the wii, if that makes a difference.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    There have been a lot of cios improvements since you modded your wii. Apparently you did find the need for ios 58 already and most likely have the newest homebrew channel running on it. Boot2...well, i think you know how lucky you are to have that! Some of the apps you have listed there are old or not needed to have on your card (cIOS38r14 installer,FCE Ultra GX channel installer,Snes GX/channel installer,Trucha bug restorer,WiiMC/channel installer,Priiloader_v0_2,IOS58 Installer). If you already installed the things from the installers then you don't really need to keep the installers. You mentioned starfall and you have priiloader in your apps, the 2 do not play well together. What I would recommend it to follow Mauifrog's softmod ANY wii guide (link is in my signature) to get yourself completely up to date on your softmod. It will install all the latest ios and cios and bring you up to system menu 4.1 which is the recommended system menu. It will get your priiloader up to date as well, and starfall will be removed. I don't know what version of usbloader gx you have but it has had a major facelift in the past year, I would update that too (do it manually, not online. we have a guide for it).
    There is also the theory of If it aint broke , dont fix it. The choice is yours to make.

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    OK, yeah, I think I'll go ahead and update to 4.1. Last time I looked into it (probably around the time 4.2 came out) there seemed to be a lot of people saying that 3.2 was the best, but again, that was a while ago.

    So, if I (obviously read the whole guide 3 times first and DL everything, etc) just start at the point in this link: where he says:

    Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed
    If you already have a softmod with HBC installed, you can update your softmod with this guide.

    Note: 4.3 wiis can skip installation of ios58 and 61, and simply load Hackmii from the HBC.

    Backup and Format your sd-card
    Extract to sd:\ -mirror
    Load the HomeBrew Channel
    Launch Multi-Mod Manager -MMM will load...
    And then just follow along, that should have minimal risk of screwing something up if I do it right and will result in my wii being basically updated, and free of any old software (like Starfall, for instance) that might cause interference down the road? And I mean, considering that I've got BootMii as boot2 and a NAND backup, I'd be pretty hard-pressed to totally brick it even if I screw something up royally, right?

    Also, on a related note - is the whole SD/SDHC thing for real? Like, I've got both, but is it only for install/modding purposes that you don't want to run an SDHC card (like while you're making changes) or should I NEVER put one in there? Because I've got a 16gb card that's just begging to be used for all my emulator stuff and a couple backups so I don't need to travel with my external HD or discs. It seems to recognize it just fine. Still a bad idea?

    Anyhow, thanks a lot, this site is the first place I've found in my sporadic wii modding projects that doesn't have tons of attitude and just seems interested in helping people. Got me through a bad BT module earlier this week, and responses are always detailed, prompt, and accurate. Thanks a lot!

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    Yes, start there in the guide. If you do have any problems with the guide pleas post your questions in the guide thread. Starfall and the old priiloader you currently have will be remover upon the installation of the new system menu. The guide will get you the latest priiloader to keep you protected from updates.

    SDHC cards are fine for normal use. Some apps are picky about the card so a regulars SD card should be used for the modding process. Mod mii, wad manager and bootmii are all very picky about cards.

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    Awesome, thanks. I followed the directions and had no trouble, but I have a couple remaining questions - I've still got an old NeoGamma channel and USBloader channel - this may sound dumb, but how do I delete them? SHOULD I delete them? I mean, I don't see any reference in the guidefor a replacement to NeoGamma, presumably because most new wiis are not able to read backup discs, but if that's a functionality I want to keep since I've got an older one that can, is there a better app? The version is NeoGamma R8 b7, and I'm guessing it's OLD. I see there's a V9 out there, but am not sure how to either update or wipe and replace that app/channel.

    Related - Are those apps referenced in the channels actually installed on the wii memory, or do they run off the SD card? Like, do I need to move a copy of the app folder (with the boot.dol) and everything from my original backup of my SD card to the current SD card for them to work properly? Nevermind, the answer is yes. I guess I just figured updating everything would wipe channels that I'd previously installed and I'd have to start fresh, but that's not how it works, obviously. I don't want to start up one of those channels without all the needed files it's going to look for on the SD and break something...

    How can I just wipe them out so I can DL the most current versions and start over? Or is this a bad plan? Or am I just missing something very obvious? Thanks!

    EDIT - Actually, I think I'll keep USBloaderGX for now, maybe I'm just used to the interface, but I think I will alternate between both and see which one I like better. But how DO I delete channels, if I wanted to?
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