Apple could be working on squeezing its MagSafe charging tech into future mobilegadgets, according to a patent that Jobs and co have been awarded.
The diagram above shows how Apple would squeeze its magnetic power supply into a device like an iPad -- perhaps the iPad 3. It looks like the charging port could jut out diagonally from the gadget in question.
MagSafe reduces the risk of accidentally sending your stuff flying across the room, if you accidentally yank on its power cord.
We'd welcome the addition of this charging port, not just because it could save us a trip to the tech doctor, but because we're rather averse to the 30-pin connector port that currently adorns every iPad, iPod and iPhone. Despite having about a million of them in the office, somehow we can never find one.
Apple's MacBook range of laptops already use MagSafe chargers, so perhaps we could even use our iOS power cables to power our Apple laptops. That is, if we possessed enough cash to afford that many Apple products, which we won't unless we sell our kidneys on eBay.
We do wonder whether the MagSafe connector could be adapted to support syncing with computers, and even if it could, accidentally yanking out the magnetic connector during an update would likely prove disastrous.
Still, we know Apple is moving to cloud-based backup and storage with iOS 5, which will bring iCloud to the party.