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Thread: An apology well overdue

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    An apology well overdue

    Appx 48 hours ago I went into a rant where I insulted and demeaned a good person, namely namyarb3. Out of anger and frustration that resulted from MY OWN personal issues, I let loose a tirade of profanity laced accusations towards namyarb3. I can make no excuses for this horrible lack of judgment. My own personal situation and circumstances resulted in an unwarranted attack on a fellow member of our forum. The last few days I have been trying to comprehend why I acted the way I did. Honestly, I am ashamed of my actions. I used to love posting information, and now all I can think of is what an ass I was to a fellow member of our community. Personal issues do not give justification for saying what I did. There are no excuses.

    I owe an apology first and foremost to namyarb3. I was completely out of line and distant to the content that you were posting. I was self centered, and that is not what our community is all about. We should all help each other, exactly as you stated in your posts.

    I also owe an apology to the staff. You should not have to "police" the forums for posts like the one I made a few days ago. The infraction I received was well deserved. There's not much else I can say other than I am sorry and that it will not happen again.

    If any of the parties involved would wish to continue this in PM, or open forum, I would be more than willing to discuss it. This was MY screw up, and since it was a public screw up, I suppose the public should have the right to see what is said.

    All due respect,

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    I have a lot of respect for someone who can recognize when they have done
    wrong and openly admit that they were wrong! After all we are only human.
    I can't speak for anyone else but myself, but I admire that quality in a persons
    character! Yes you made a mistake, no doubt. But admitting you were wrong and
    apologizing in public goes along way in my book!

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    I pretty much feel the same way bmarlo feels. Admitting you were wrong and doing an open apology, good in my book!

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    Very well done cj. Lets hope namyarb3 forgives you.

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    Well done Cjizzle M8. We all get the wrong end of the stick, It's a brave and now composed man who openly apologises, I read your comments they are normally very helpful, I missed that one, I know how frusrating it is reading these forums. HOW DO so many people get it wrong.
    Love the site Keep up the good work.
    I love it when the big boys chip little dry comments,
    Keep safe:::

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