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Thread: Gamecube backup help...

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    Question Gamecube backup help...

    I downgraded my wii to a 3.2u and I did the NUSD with the cMIOS thing, I downloaded and installed DVDX... i downloaded and tried the gamecube backup loaders I downloaded the cios 249 with the cios installer. I've pretty much spent my entire day looking up stuff in how to get them to play. I made an ISO of NBA Street Vol 3 ... and i have another disk with that game and capcom vs snk 2 on it using Multigame iso maker. I'm using a DVD+R 4.7GB and when i put it into the system and go to the gamecube loader on HBC it says there isn't a Dvd in the system. I'm so exhausted of all these random sites telling me different things. Can someone help me out ... ?
    Thanks in advance :3

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    how about read HERE

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    I've followed every step that the guide has told me to do. Same result... :/ it will not read ... it says Dvd+/Badburn/DL problem? and i tired using Nintendo Gamecube / GC GCN NGC ISOs | Emuparadise <--This site but same result ... I'm honestly about to give up on the whole thing because it's starting to become a waste of my time ...


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