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Thread: Hello Wiihacks

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    Hello Wiihacks

    Wanted to say hi and get that nagging banner off the screen .

    Just got a Wii for the family for x-mas and can't seem to leave anything alone. So far I've sorted out that I have a D2E drive and 3.4u firmware? I've also ordered a wiikey2 yellow sticker chip yesterday, I basically want to backup the 6 games I have for starters.

    I used to be into the original xbox modding/chips, probably did a dozen or more of them back in the day, still have my original running alongside the Wii. This stuff is all new so I've got alot of reading to do, hopefully I'm off on the right track, this looks like the right place....


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    Well hello, and welcome to our community. Hope you find everything you need.

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    Hi and welcome. I'm new here myself, but everyone seems to be quick to reply and quite helpful =)


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