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Thread: Problems with Installing WADs and with Dop-Mii

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    Problems with Installing WADs and with Dop-Mii

    Before all of my problems I was able to install any WAD with MMM's WAD manager. When I installed too much, I had to delete some channels from my Wii, but then I thought, "Well what if I just transfer them to my SD card?" So I do that and try to play them from my SD card, but they wouldn't launch, so I just assumed they only work from the Wii System Menu and delete the channels from my SD card. (BTW, I tried transfering them back to the system menu but they still didn't work) Then I go back into MMM to install the wads again, but I get this weird message that says "Ticket... ERROR (-2011)" or something whenever I try to install it. Then it redirects me to the wads folder and the file has a plus to the left of it. The same thing happens when I try to uninstall wads except it has a minus afterwords. (The plus and minus signs disappear whenever I go back to the main MMM menu)

    Here's my sysCheck before using Dop-Mii:


    So I search the forums and find this thread which seems to have the same problem:

    So I follow it all the way until the guy used Dop-Mii to remove the stubbed IOS249, which I have. So I install Dop-Mii using instructions from this site (I coudln't find instructions in this site, and yes, I searched):

    So I launch it and select "Install IOS36 w/FakeSign." It goes through installing with things saying "DONE" but one thing ends up saying "FAILED" but I can't really catch it since the screen goes by so quickly. (I'm pretty sure it was some Trucha thing though) Then it asks me if I want to install all these other things like some Trucha thing "Apply ES-Identify" and "NAND Permissions" so I just say yes to all and select "Download from NUS." It apparently installs everything correctly, but it just brings my back to the main screen where I have to select "Install IOS36 w/FakeSign" again, except it doesn't go through the multiple "DONEs" and one "FAILED." Then it asks me the same question for installing the other things. I try resetting the app but it does the same thing, except when I select "Install IOS36 w/FakeSign" again, it goes through the "DONEs" and "FAILED," and then asks me to install the other things.

    Here's my sysCheck after using Dop-Mii:


    The only thing that changed was IOS36.

    Sorry if this isn't in the right place. I didn't really know where to put it. Any help is very much appreciated.

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    Just use MMM to install IOS236. There should be an option for it.
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    There is none. There's just a "Install & Patch IOS36" and that doesn't even work.

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    Use 36 to install the wads. You can install ios236 with the d2x cios installer or with its 236 installer

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardsito View Post
    Use 36 to install the wads.
    I did that and it's working now lol. Thanks.

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    Sorted, thread closed.


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