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Thread: DS Happy Box Question

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    DS Happy Box Question

    I apologize in advance if this has been brought up a hundred times before on this forum, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I've been using the R4i SDHC DS Happy Box flash cart for my DS Lite and I traded in my lite for a 3DS. I have the latest firmware for the 3ds, and my DS Happy box doesn't work anymore. I've tried every upgrade and every different firmware but the 3ds doesn't even read it, it just keeps telling me there's nothing inserted in the game slot. Any suggestions? Should I look into buying a new card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toby1978 View Post
    This will work R4DSLL 3DS, Buy Low Price 3DS Flashcard at

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    Thanks, I'm guessing by your reply I do need a new flash cart. A lot of people on here are recommending the Acekard2i...or is the r4dsll a better choice?

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    Not to burst bubbles.... but there a lot of fakes out there....

    I would only order from (its our wiihacks store)

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    All their cards are legit at and they are here in the states with fast shipping. Here is a link for acekard card

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. Does the Wii hacks store carry the acekard2i? Is that garenteed to work on the 3DS to play DS games?


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