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Thread: How do you find out the Game ID of a channel?

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    Question How do you find out the Game ID of a channel?

    I'm trying to get the covers of my channels to work with wiiflow, i've tried searching the channels i am using on wiitdb and downloading them but they are not working so the gameid must be different for me than what the site says it is.
    How can i find out what gameid my channels are so i can rename the covers to be the right name? I can't find out how to anywhere :S
    I know you can download the covers from the wii itself if it is connected to the internet, but it is not so i am trying to find out how to do it through the pc.

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    Use wbfs manager 3.0, USBloader GX, or any of the cover managers. These programs display the game I.D., and download them for you.

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    Hi xcloudx,

    easiest solution would be to use customisemii 3.11, load your channel/game wad - under 'Options' tab the Title ID is displayed.


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