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Thread: Configurable USB Loader Wont't Start

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    Configurable USB Loader Wont't Start

    I have a soft modded and hard modded wii. I soft modded my wii using this guide : I did the additional step which was to update the IOS. When i went to configurable usb loader and ran black ops it would load and pass the the health screen, but after that it would just say loading. I was told to update wads to these to: cIOS224[57]-v5.wad and cIOS249[57]-v21d2x3.wad. When i did this configurable usb loader would start and freeze on the first screen which was where it says cfg. Then i was told to go and change wad to rev19 using cIOSX_rev19-Installer. I installed on 249 with 57 as base through network install. Even after doing this it stills freezes on the cfg screen. My wii is 4.2u. I am a noob at modding can anyone help me please.

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    It is a shame we don't have a Black Ops Guide here on the site for you to read...

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    The problem I don't has anything to with black ops. CFG just won't load when the flashdrive is plugged in, but it does work when the flash drive is removed.

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    Use the recommended cios pack in this guide. I think that will get your cios back to where they were before you tried to fix them to play black ops. Then change the game setting to load black ops with cios 250.


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