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Thread: Wiikey - What if you don't have the internet?

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    Wiikey - What if you don't have the internet?

    I hear a lot of people with wiikey are worried their Wii's may get bricked because they havn't installed a certain update.

    My question is if you have a wii and never connect it to the internet and only play PAL games, is there anychance you can brick or not play certain games? As I intend to get a wiikey, but have no internet - therefore cannot update.

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    The newer games will contain the updates on the game itself...

    This only happens when you are playing a NTSC game on a PAL system that hasn't been updated yet (or maybe its the other way around).

    Just connect it to the internet and whenever you play a new game just make sure you are all updated to the latest firmware...

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    Ca follow up to Fatal's Wisdom

    If your pal wii was last updated say april 1st and and you put in a ntsc game released say may 1... in all likelihood..your wii will be bricked by the ntsc firmware upgrade corrupting the pal firmware in your pal wii.

    having said is best to have your modded wii firmware always up to date.

    if not possible... then to be safe..DO NOT PLAY pal on your ntsc wii or the other way around.

    peace out...modderman


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