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Thread: NOTE about the new wii and the wiikey fusion

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    NOTE about the new wii and the wiikey fusion

    Link about the new slimmer wii: New Wii console coming before Christmas - Official Nintendo Magazine

    Since EU is getting this first, SOME of you will need to know the differences between the old and new wiis and the wiikey fusion may not work without a drastic interface update on the new wii.

    Things about the new wii:
    GC functionality is gone.

    Things about the wiikey fusion:
    It uses a GC interface for selecting a game and update.

    It will likely not allow you to boot into the wiikey fusion menu since it uses a GC interface. Weither or not the new wii will have GC disc option removed to only show a wii disc only under the disc channel.

    The no GC on the new wii will apply to all disc emulator hard mods that use a GC interface, another such one is the sundisk.

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    Intresting.... thanks for the info..... maybe the op want to make a news announcment about the new eu console....

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    It will probably have some new hardware protection against current hardware mods or not. I don't have one and don't live in EU to be able to get one to know about it.

    It IS likely going to affect how some people mod the new wii. Removal of GC softmods etc in any guides will likely happen, things like that.

    I haven't used the site that much in a while to know the process of submitting news. I got as far as posting and replying.


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