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Thread: Wii 3.1e will not read my sd card...

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    Wii 3.1e will not read my sd card...

    My wii 3.1e will not recognize the files i put on it.... I extract the files to the root directory of the sd card but my wii doesn't evevn recognize that there is any files on there.... I put some pictures on the sd card too, to see if it would read those files and it did..... Should i update my wii or do something else...? any help is greatly appreciated... its a sandisk sd 1 gb card.... and i formated it using the panasonic sd formater v2.0.... Thanks

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    I have same problem. Tried several SD cards (incl. Sandisk 2gb formated to FAT 32), boot.dol at the root of the card. Everything (with exception of power and TV) is disconnected from my Wii, when I go to Wii - Data Management - Channels - SD and nothing happens. No Load of the boot.dol. I just see the info about SD card (14982 Blocks Open) but it seems its empty (but its not, I see all the files on PC). My menu version is also 3.1e. Could someone help ? Thx.

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    Use this program to reformat the SD card: PanasonicSDFormatter.rar as FAT32, full format (not quick).

    See if that helps.
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