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Thread: Neogamma DVD Drive Error

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    Neogamma DVD Drive Error

    I have a hard modded and soft modded wii (same wii). When I first tried running black ops using the hardmod I would get error 002. To fix this I soft modded my wii. Now when i run black ops with neogamma r9 b26 i get DVD error 1628, it then goes on to say "unknown drive, report 20080714" how can i fix this. I am new to soft modding so I have no clue on what to do. Also, the wii is 4.2u. All other games like COD: MWR work perfectly from disc channel.
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    If you softmodded and are using neogamma, there really is no reason to have the modchip anymore.

    Try removing the modchip and see if it gives any errors.

    (It might be a burning problem though)
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