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Thread: First post HELLO! I have a sundriver in my wii, and also a jukebox not being used...

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    First post HELLO! I have a sundriver in my wii, and also a jukebox not being used...

    I've been running my sundriver and loving it. I also got a black jukebox since my friend has a wii and was extremely interested in what I had, so I thought I'd gift him the fun mod.

    He ended up selling his wii and stuff for $ in favor of his ps3. So now I have an extra mod toy.

    First and foremost, i don't want to sell nor trade it - I do trade games and whatnot online, but I've been ripped off more and more recently.

    What I want to know is if there are any compatibility issued if I were to install the jukebox with my current wii.

    I know that there wouldn't be any connection problems - the chip from the jukebox would connect to my sundrive just as if it were the normal dvd drive.

    But would this run stable? Has anyone tried this?

    I think my sundriver just runs invisible as if it always has a disc in.

    Would I just need to set the jukebox to flat-mode in order to resume my normal sundriver function?

    Thanks in advance for any help! This is my first post, sorry if this is just a horrible idea!

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    I'm interested in you trying it out and posting the results. I doubt many people, if any has tried that because there is little benefit in having a flatmod derivative installed with a sun driver. It would be similar to having 2 flatmod derivatives in 1 machine, i.e. Wode + a fusion.... Pretty pointless. Most people with 2 hardware mods have a flatmod type chip + a clip or a flatmod type + a soldered chip. For example a Wode + a Wiikey2 on a clip, or a Drivekey + a soldered D2Pro9.

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    It's a bit pointless, why not just install the jukebox works a lot nicer I find than the sundriver did.
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