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Thread: Google Buys Motorola for $12.5 Billion

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    Google Buys Motorola for $12.5 Billion

    Google and Motorola confirmed today Google is buying Motorola Mobility (MM), the mobile division of Motorola, for the $12.5 billon.

    Google, with its acquisition, has entered into the direct manufacturing of Android handsets and become the proud owner of 17,000 patents plus another 7,000 patents pending. Google's CEO Larry Page made Google's intentions clear during a conference call as the word "patent" was mention 24 times

    Google plans to run, or rather not to run, MM. MM will remain separate from Google, so much so that MM will still have to competitively bid against other manufacturers to produce the Google Nexus phones. However, the concern still remains that MM will get preferential treatment from Google thereby alienating other third-party Android phone manufacturers.

    How involved Google really is in the day to day operations of their newly aquired company will be seen soon enough, but the bigger takeaway is the newly found legal power Google has added to their patent library. Google, who was in danger of being blackballed out of the mobile telecom industry, now has a significant arsenal to battle the likes of Apple inside and outside of the courtroom.

    Source- Modmyi

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    Amazing....... I love google and moto....

    Win Win

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    Hopefully google decides to unlock my bootloader...
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