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Thread: D2Pro9 V3 Utility DVD

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    D2Pro9 V3 Utility DVD

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what and where I can get the file that I can burn to a DVD for my D2Pro9 v3. It supposedly has version 2.3 firmware on it but the file on the d2pro website says 2.3 not for use with d2e chipset, which mine is, and for which that chip is made. So I'm a little confused/concerned with which one to use. If anyone else has run into this problem please feel free to post. Just wanted to burn a DVD so I can check what firmware in on the chip, to avoid future problems.

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    theres a disc that checks, just download and burn, and if it says dont, then dont

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    on the website it says 2.3 not for use with d2e chipsets but thats the chipset i have and i thought the firmware on my d2pro9. thats why im curious as to why it says not to use 2.3 with d2es. seems to be contradictory to what i had learned previously. just wanted to know if anyone knew the correct file to DL and burn and use wit the d2e chipset d2pro9 v3.


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