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Thread: black screen freeze only on copied games

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    black screen freeze only on copied games

    Bit of toughy this one, my daughters wii (she lives 100 miles away so i can't look at it myself yet) is freezing on copied games, but original discs are playing fine. Has anyone got any advice i can give to an 11 year old over the phone, apart from telling her to send it down to me to look at?


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    Tough to do over the phone, as it could be a few different things. Are the games on a drive or are the backup discs? You could look over the Blackscreens - Causes & Solutions guide.

    Also maybe try and tell her how to run & post a system check, and email you the text file so you can post it here.

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    thanks for that, i'll see if can manage to do it.

    the problem is with discs, but originals play fine, i'll have a look at the black screen problems. one thing i know it isnt and that i know the wii hasnt been updated via the nintedo site as it's not connected up to the internet.

    thanks for the advice so far, every word is a step closer!


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