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Thread: Nintendo doesn’t own

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    Nintendo doesn’t own

    You could look on this as either a minor inconvenience that will cost Nintendo a fair stack of cash or yet more proof that Nintendo still doesn’t understand the online world.
    Someone decided to head to to read up on the latest Nintendo console only to find out that instead of a site extolling the virtues of the Nintendo Wii U they had stumbled across a pretty poor attempt at a gaming site. So they went to and found a parking spot.Apparently Nintendo forget to check if was available before naming their console and also didn’t think to grab the domain before announcing to the planet their newly title console.That’s bad enough really but the second domain, was actually registered after Nintendo announced their name which just means that some lucky sod out there is about to earn a couple of thousand dollars just for being smart enough to check if the domain was still available when Nintendo announced the name.
    So the lesson here is two fold, firstly Nintendo really need to catch a wake up and hire some crack online people. Or at least someone who knows what a website is and secondly pay close attention to product launches and you may also be able to grab some cash for absolutely no effort.

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    I wonder how much exactly Nintendo plans to dish out for the domain.
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    they wont pay anything...

    they will make a sub domain off

    so it will be like

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    Quote Originally Posted by emuhack View Post
    they wont pay anything...

    they will make a sub domain off Country Selector at Nintendo

    so it will be like

    Nicely said!

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    If they dont own it the owner should put porn up like the owner of did... nintendo was forced to buy it for an undisclosed amount of money years ago. i remember logging on to years ago and it was filled with that sort of stuff. nintendo bought it around 2000... at least according to way back machine
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