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Thread: Noob Question - How to access Wii Shop Channel

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    Us Noob Question - How to access Wii Shop Channel

    Ok I want to access the Wii Shop Channel, but when I do, it says I need an update in order to do I access without going through an update. I want to access it to download some items because I still have 1000 points. Softmodded Wii.

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    If your Wii is softmodded, update to the newest shop channel by:

    1. Downloading NUSD (if you haven't already)

    2. Open NUSD and click on "Database..."

    3. Go to "System" -> "Shopping Channel" -> "42 (All/System)" or "4B (Korea)" (depends on system) -> "Latest Version"

    4. Make sure the box beside "Pack WAD" is checked and click "Start NUS Download!"

    5. When you have NUSD there should be a folder called "titles" go into it, and there should be another folder named "0001000248414241" or "000100024841424B" (depends on system), go into it and there should be another folder named "20", go into it.

    6. Look for a file named "RVL-Shopping-20.wad", copy it onto your SD and use your favorite WAD installer to install the file.

    7. Congrats, you have just updated Wii Shop Channel.
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    Use DOP-Mii to install it since it's easier.
    You can find it here:
    If you got error 002 when after acess the shopping channel install the lastest IOS IOS56 v5662. You can get it via NUSD or DOP-Mii.

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