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Thread: Wii Harddrive Loading Issues

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    Wii Harddrive Loading Issues

    Hi! I hope everybody is doing good! I have an issue here and I have red and searched numerous amount of times before posting here because I could not find the answer, I have recebtly bought a Seagate 2TB GoFlex hard drive and wanted to transfer my old games from my old hard drive to my new one, so I downloaded WBFS Manager 3.0 and learned how to clone hard drives, so I tried cloning my 15 games that I own and it worked and cloned fine! But as soon as I hooked up the hard drive, The games list loaded perfectly but when I clicked on one, the music that plays when you click on a game did not play and when I clicked the disc on USB Loader GX it did not play and sent me back to the HBC, I also tried configurable loader and it said something like "this is not a wii disc" or something like that, and it did not want to load either, it is weird because when I hook up the old HD the games play fine, The old hard drive is not mine though and I need to give it back to my dad for his own files and music, is there any way to make the new games work the same as my old hard drive? Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated, and I also formatted the HD to WBFS. Thank you for your time and effort to read this ^.^

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    from your dads HDD transfer the games the PC and then transfer them back to you new hdd... DONT CLONE!!! it seems to never work 100%

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    U sure about this? Ill try it, hopefully it will work ^_^

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    I am back from trying the suggestion and it still did not work, this is getting rather frustrating =\, I copied the game from the old HD to the PC and from the PC to new hard drive through WBFS Manager, and it did not work, the same thing occured, any other suggestions? i would really just like to get the situation solved and possibly help others who have the same problems

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    Try formatting the drive to fat32 using this guide-->


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