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Thread: Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Discs won't play after LetterBomb Hack

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    Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Discs won't play after LetterBomb Hack

    I have wii system menu 4.3u and ios 258 (actually I used the custom ios d2x, but in dop-mii it shows as ios 258) . Every other game disc I have work besides those 2. Also all the isos I have downloaded I can load using usb loader gx. However I downloaded a mario kart iso and it to goes to black screen when I try to load it. still in the process of downloading a ssmb iso. Oh and the disc channel recognizes the games, but as soon as I press start all I get is a black screen and all the remotes disconnect. These are my kids favorite games, so I need to get it fixed, please help. Thnaks
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    I do own the games, which is why I said the games won't work from the disc channel either. The actual retail discs won't run and neither will the isos. I just tried to run syscheck 2.0 and it starts like it shoudl but stops and says "failed to get the stored tmd for ios36"

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    sounds like you did not mod the wii correctly... i would run through the anywii guide again

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    Apologies. When peeps talk about downloading iso's I immediately assume the worst. Emuhack is absolutely correct (like you needed me to tell you For future reference it is a lot better to use your usb loader app to create the backup versus downloading isos. You never know if the download is legit or not. Best to just stick with what you own.

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    I did not realize that usb loader itself was able to backup wii games. I had googled it and say something about having to have a certain disc drive on your pc and using raw dump 2.0, but couldn't get that to work on my computer. That is why I was downloading the iso's. Good thing is this morning, I was able to get my wii working properly again and I made my iso from my disc and yep everything works perfectly. Thanks for the help, problem solved.


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