Hi evryone. My name is Ravenswing i`m 27 stud, i got a wii that is evrything i got right now. Got dumped, fiance left me over a indian dude with he`s restaurant even tho that was my idea with a indian restaurant. So i built my life around her since i was 16, just wanna meet other folks, but she still jealous..

I learned recently she was aware i woken up from a 5 year long koma of love depression shootin fps again, out there doing my things whitch is making friends, music, writing lyrics, teaching the way of the 90`s to troublemakers. I got maybe one real friend. Thats it. But hey i spray bullets more than terminator.

Sometimes i feel like terminator. I was raised in vault 22 at the worst place u can imagin. If you played mass effect2, met Jack. Sort of doctors are they. So anyway they raised me in. _Raven